Ozzy Osbourne Gave T-Pain The Highest Praise After Seeing Him Perform A Cover Of His Classic

Every couple of years, folks on the internet collectively remember that T-Pain can actually sing, and every time, they go absolutely bananas. Usually, this is prompted by a video of the Tallahassee native performing that goes viral, reminding everyone that the man is still around and still very, very talented.

The latest example comes by way of a concert recording of his latest album, On Top Of The Covers, which he performed at The Sun Rose in Los Angeles last march. As usual, people are freaking out, but one of the artists he covers, Ozzy Osbourne, had a question:

“Why didn’t you guys call me?” he wrote on Twitter, after calling a video of the performance “the best cover of ‘War Pigs’ ever.”

Pain, who naturally saw the compliment, expressed his amazement and gratitude at receiving such high praise. “First thing I said was ‘wow,'” he wrote alongside a screenshot of the rock legend’s tweet. “This is an honor and the greatest form of validation. Thank you brother.”

Meanwhile, as one group of internet users is having their minds blown by the discovery that T-Pain can sing without his signature Autotune (something for which he once received such harsh criticism from Usher, he almost quit music entirely), another group of fans is getting their kicks being super smug about it. The life cycle of the internet in a nutshell. For funsies, you can check out the full show below.