PinkPantheress’ ‘Boys A Liar’ Predicted A Future Liar In Her Life That She Later Tried To Put A ‘Hex’ On

Don’t cross PinkPantheress. Obviously, the pop powerhouse can easily write a hit about you, but she’s also got other forms of revenge up her sleeve. In an interview with Power 106, she shared a story about getting back at the person who inspired her famous tracks “Boy’s A Liar” and “Boy’s A Liar Pt. 2.”

When asked if she was thankful that the boy was a liar, PinkPantheress laughed. “Actually, funny enough, I didn’t write that song about a boy actually being a liar, but the boy ended up being a liar after the song came out,” she said.

“Foreshadowing,” the interviewer said, “or manifestation.”

“I think it was the manifestation,” she said. “But I am thankful that he did lie, kind of. Although it did annoy me so much that I threatened to hex him. And I tried. But I don’t know if it worked. But my point is, yeah, I guess, in a way, I am happy. Every experience just makes you better.”

“I think if I lied to a girl, and then she wrote a song about it, and it became the No. 1 song, that’s a hex in itself,” the interviewer countered.

PinkPantheress agreed: “That is the hex, isn’t it?”

Watch the exchange below.