Playboi Carti Brought Out Lil Uzi Vert At Rolling Loud, So It Looks Like They’re Back On Good Terms

Back in 2017, Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti were as thick as thieves. The two young rappers share a similar style and appeared to be friends in the industry, teasing a joint mixtape and eventually connecting several times in the next year. Though a joint tour was canceled due to Uzi’s need for “focus,” all seemed well between the two upstart, punk rap prodigies… that was, until rumors of beef between the two began to swirl after some online back and forths.

Last spring, Uzi trolled Carti’s new single “@ Meh” as “just meh,” and later continued to to troll Playboi by asking him about his release date, which had been moved a few times. But whatever was going on between these two internet pranksters seems to be all good IRL. At Rolling Loud in New York this past weekend, Carti brought Uzi out as a guest during his set, and the pair performed together. Let’s hope that means their collaborative mixtape is back on track, and maybe even that tour, and we can expect joint new music from both them and Megan Thee Stallion and Bree Runway in the next few weeks and months. Hey, 2021 is far from over and there’s always plenty of room for new rap. Check out some clips of the pair performing together below.