Post Malone’s Fiancée Rejected His First ‘Hammered’ Proposal, But He Thinks It Was For The Best

Early in his career, Post Malone would brag about his rockstar lifestyle. However, those drunken nights nearly derailed his marital plans after his fiancée rejected his proposal. During his appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast on Wednesday, August 3, Post told host Alex Cooper about the night two years ago he decided to pop the question to his then-girlfriend.

“I had lost a significant amount of money at the table, and we go upstairs, and I’m, like, off my rocker hammered,” Post said. “I was like, ‘Hey, you wanna marry me? I got a ring and all this stuff. And then she said no.”

To others, getting a rejection might have been devastating. Pot, though, took it as a learning lesson. “She’s like, ‘Ask me tomorrow,'” said Post. “And then I did. And I was sober, and it was nice.”

Post took to social media in April to open up about his journey to sobriety. He shut down drug use rumors, writing, “I wanted to say that I’m not doing drugs. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my weight loss and, I’d suppose, performance on stage. I’m having a lot of fun performing and have never felt healthier.”

Listen to the full episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast below.