Post Malone Smokes His Way Through A Four-Hour Discussion With Joe Rogan

Post Malone definitely believes in aliens. That much is revealed in the first five minutes of his interview with podcast host Joe Rogan — an interview that meanders through a nearly four-hour runtime. The two men smoke dozens of cigarettes as they ponder horror movie monsters (Rogan thinks Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees are the same guy), weather control conspiracy theories (both remain convinced that the government can manipulate the climate), and the movement to defund the police (yeah, maybe just skip this part and read Uproxx’s breakdown instead).

Post also wears a University of Utah cap and got a shout-out from the school on Twitter in exchange. He doffs the cap at the midway point, showing off his newly shaved head and even more of his trademark ink.

Post Malone was recently in the news after it was revealed that he’d filed a trademark for the name “World Pong League,” which sounds like exactly the sort of thing Post Malone would also excel in as a player-owner like a hip-hop Jackie Moon. He’s also reportedly expanding his business interests to include a brand of rosé, revamping his cannabis company to make personal protective equipment (PPE), and raising money for pandemic relief via his livestreamed Nirvana covers concert.

Watch Post Malone’s four-hour interview with Joe Rogan above.

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