Post Malone Launches A Merch Line Based On His Rosé Brand, Masion No. 9

In today’s cross-branded world of diversified revenue streams, it seems like every rapper is also an entrepreneur, pitching everything from cannabis to alcohol in addition to their usual array of album and tour merchandise. Post Malone, who has invested in all of the above, seems to have found yet another way to ensure maximum monetization of his ever-expanding portfolio.

Post loves taking an off-kilter approach to marketing himself and now, he’s applying that outlook to his non-music endeavors. Despite only launching his rosé line Maison No. 9 less than a year ago, he and business partners James Morrissey and Dre London have updated the wine’s logo and color scheme and created a Maison No. 9 merch line to draw attention to the young brand. The 2020 vintage of the wine will receive a new look, as well.

The merch is designed by Post himself and includes T-shirts, a hoodie, and a baseball cap. Post will also share seasonal cocktail recipes curated himself. You can check out images of the merch below.

In addition to selling fancy French wine, Post has also jumped into the world of crypto-products, producing an NFT experience for fans to play beer pong with him, and is pursuing acting. He appears as a bank robber in the trailer for Jason Statham’s upcoming action revenge thriller Wrath Of Man after playing an incarcerated criminal in Netflix’s Spencer Confidential.