Princess Nokia’s J. Lo-Inspired ‘It’s Not My Fault’ Video Is An Ode To OnlyFans

Princess Nokia has been making music for nearly a decade. With a handful of albums and mixtapes to her name, her most recent project was the 2019 double LP Everything Is Beautiful/Everything Sucks. Though the rapper has received a fair number of accolades for her independent releases, Princess Nokia makes her major label debut with the J. Lo-inspired video to her new track “It’s Not My Fault.”

Directed by Sebastian Sdaigui, the “It’s Not My Fault” video takes place in a futuristic timeline. The rapper is able to connect with her viewers through virtual reality, and she uploads content on her OnlyFans page while flaunting her worth. “It’s not my fault / That I’m that b*tch / So talk your sh*t / ‘Cause I’m still rich,” she spits at the single’s chorus.

The rapper’s “It’s Not My Fault” visual is heavily inspired by J. Lo’s “If You Had My Love” video, which Princess Nokia says is one of her “favorites of all time.” Speaking about the video’s concept in a statement, Princess Nokia said:

“My video symbolizes my mainstream coming of age, just as it did Jennifer’s. It symbolizes the average millennial woman, taking control of herself as the subject. I control my narrative and I celebrate my beauty. It’s hyper-futurism and almost 22 years later we are moving into a more interactive era.”

Watch Princess Nokia’s “It’s Not My Fault” video above.