Pusha T Posed For A Photo With A Police Officer And Fans Have Questions

As posts insisting that “all cops are bad” proliferate on Twitter, one of hip-hop’s premiere crime drama rappers, Pusha T, is being critiqued for appearing in a photo with a police officer at a community event. However, those critics are also being viewed with skepticism, as their method — juxtaposing Drake’s satirical blackface photo from a decade ago with Pusha’s seemingly hypocritical cop photo op — gets side-eyed for comparing apples to oranges.

The photo in question was taken at Petersburg, Virginia’s Feed Your City Challenge event, where Pusha T passed out food alongside fellow Virginians like former NBA star Ricky Davis, Suave House’s Tony Draper, and singer Trey Songz. Richmond Times-Dispatch wrote that the event was the second after Pusha debuted it in Norfolk, Virginia two weeks ago. The Times-Dispatch reports that “more than 3,200 gallons of milk; 25,000 pounds of meat and 7,000 pounds of vegetables, as well as canned goods and packaged foods like Pop-Tarts, were distributed.”

However, that didn’t stop Drake fans from calling out Pusha for flicking up alongside one of the local police officers at the event, in direct contradiction to both Pusha’s lyrical content and the general mood toward the police over the past month of protests. “This y’all favorite drug dealer!?” one fan questioned.

However, Pusha fans defended him by pointing out he had organized the food drive to help people. While Drake had honorable intentions, trying to use satire to draw attention to racism, that wasn’t readily apparent when Pusha used a contextless excerpt from the photo shoot as the cover to his “Story Of Adidon” diss record. The two rappers’ beef may be long over, with even Drake declaring Push the winner, but their fans will likely continue to duke it out on Twitter using any ammunition available for all time. Check out more responses below.