Quavo Bounces Back On His Latest Solo Song, Proving He’s ‘Himothy’

For the past year or so, the internet’s favorite go-to term for praising a master of any given craft has been “him.” Watch a basketball player put up an effortless 30-point game. He’s him. An award-winning actor gives a generational, culture-changing performance in a film role. He’s him. A rapper who delivers a verse that blows all others out of the water, stealing not only the spotlight but also the social media discourse for days at a time? He’s him. This term can also be embellished in all sorts of ways, including turning “him” into “Himothy” — which is, incidentally, the title of Quavo’s latest solo song.

The lyrics clearly demonstrate why Quavo feels so confident. “I told the gang we gon’ eat forever /I’ll never let ’em starve to death / Quavo how you manifestin’ / Cuz I’m HIM in the flesh,” he raps over a rumbling Budda Beats production.

The song is Quavo’s first new solo song since releasing Rocket Power last August. The Atlanta rapper hasn’t announced a new project yet, but it sounds like it will probably be another solo album, despite him apparently patching things up with fellow former Migo Offset in the wake of their bandmate Takeoff’s death in 2022.

Listen to “Himothy” above.