Queen Elizabeth II’s Wikipedia Page Is Trolled After Her Death With A Chief Keef Album Cover: ‘RIP Bozo’

Queen Elizabeth II’s death was announced early on Thursday (September 8) and social media responded to it in a multitude of ways. Many laughed, celebrated, and trolled the 96-year-old. In one of the most humorous acts, the queen’s Wikipedia page was given a unique edit.

In a tweet shared on Thursday afternoon, a user said “Someone already griefed the Queen Elizabeth II Wikipedia page lmaooo.” The tweet is accompanied by a screenshot of Queen Elizabeth II’s Wikipedia page with the “Article” tab highlighted. What is found on the page is the cover art for Chief Keef’s 2012 album Finally Rich and “RIP Bozo” in all caps, in reference to the infamous Instagram post where a man attended his enemy’s funeral just to ensure he was dead.

A unique detail found on the Finally Rich cover art is Chief Keef blowing smoke out of his mouth, a reference to the popular colloquial phrase where someone’s “pack is in the air.” The phrase is used when someone that many people dislike either passes away or takes a bad loss publicly. While many native to Queen Elizabeth II’s home country may be mourning, those within the United States are clearly amused by her demise.

Check out a screenshot of Queen Elizabeth II’s edited Wikipedia page above.