Radiohead Paid Tribute To The Smiths With A Surprise Sliver Of A Cover

Radiohead pulled from Morrissey and Marr’s bag of tricks with thrilling results at the reliably massive Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Friday night saw the fun lovin’ dance-pop combo unleash a tiny chunklet of the indie gem “How Soon Is Now?” to the delight (and maybe mild confusion) of the Austin crowd. It’s not a particularly lengthy pull, but there is something thrilling about Thom Yorke unexpectedly belting out “I go about things the wrong way/ I am human and I need to be loved/ just like everybody else does” before launching into the Hail to the Thief cut “2 + 2 = 5.” Naturally, fans were all over this cuz Radiohead and this striking moment has been captured for the world to see.

Radiohead’s ACL performance earned raves from critics (they’re a soft touch for Radiohead, aren’t they?) as the band traveled all over their catalogue busting out A Moon Shaped Pool offerings like “Burn the Witch,” “Daydreaming” as well as seasoned cuts like “Airbag,” “Everything in Its Right Place” and “Exit Music (for a Film).” One intriguing quirk is that the reintroduced Dave Chappelle fave “Creep” was dropped in favor of “There, There.”

If you’re in the mood to see all of Radiohead’s ACL thrills and manbun chills, the entire performance is nestled below for your viewing/listening pleasure.

(Via Consequence of Sound)