‘Rap Sh!t’: The Funny, Wholesome, Good, And Odd Sh!t From Season 1, Episode 7

(SPOILERS for this week’s Rap Sh!t episode will be found below.)

Shawna and Mia are taking Miami by storm. They figured out their aesthetic, their raps are crisp, and their production is top notch thanks to help from Lamont, Mia’s baby father. In episode seven of the inaugural season of Rap Sh!t, Shawna and Mia gear up for their biggest opportunity yet: a performance at a party at James Harden’s mansion. As they prepare for that performance, we get updates on Shawna and Maurice’s budding romance as well as Mia and Lamont rekindling their relationship.

Weekly episodes of Issa Rae’s Rap Sh!t are filled with funny sh!t, wholesome sh!t, good sh!t, and odd sh!t — all in just 30-minutes. After each episode, we’ll recap each of the moments for you which you can check out below.

Wholesome Sh!t

Mia and Lamont: We’ve yet to hear what went wrong with Mia and Lamont initially, as they started the season at odds. However, with just one episode left in the season, the two are not only on better terms, but their romantic spark has returned. Episode seven concludes with a sex scene with Mia and Lamont, and at the end of it, Mia questions Lamont’s intentions. She asks if it has to do with her growing rap career, and while Lamont admits to it playing a role in things, he adds that he genuinely wants to make things work out for Mia and their daughter. This answer is met with a smile from Mia as they doze off for the night

Funny Sh!t

Mia and Lamont: Staying on the two who’ve rekindled their romance, one of the funny moments in the recent Rap Sh!t episode comes as Mia and Lamont get their daughter ready for school. As Mia sends her off, she warns Lamont not to feed her too much candy and junk food. “Don’t be having my baby eating all that candy and junk and sh*t,” she says. Lamont’s response is a quick and funny one, as he says, “Aye, it’s my baby too. I can give it to her if I want to.”

Good Sh!t

Shawna and Mia: The ladies have been working hard to move upward in their rap careers, and with two solid records under their belts, “Seduce & Scheme” and “Nann Badder,” their success is only growing by the minute. Shawna and Mia’s next task was killing a performance at James Harden’s party. They rehearsed “Seduce & Scheme” and “Nann Badder” to perform at the party, and when they took to the stage to perform the former track, Shawna and Mia absolutely bodied it. Onlookers in the crowd included Tobe Nwigwe and notable Miami agents, who were all impressed by the song and the performance. It was going well until…

Odd Sh!t

Shawna: During the second set of Shawna and Mia’s performance, Shawna decides that a freestyle would be better than a rendition of “Nann Badder.” Unbeknownst to her, there is a time limit on their set and by the time she finishes the freestyle, there’s not enough time to for her and Mia to perform “Nann Badder.” The freestyle was honestly an odd move from Shawna, especially when she and Mia rehearsed their set over and over again. Add in the fact that Shawna’s freestyle went against the duo’s style and aesthetic making for what resulted in an incohesive performance. It was also one that left Mia upset that she was pushed aside for Shawna to have her selfish moment in the spotlight.

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