Record Store Day Has Been Postponed Due To The Coronavirus

More and more cancellations and postponements pop up every day as public concern over the coronavirus continues to grow on a global level. The latest institution to alter its plans as a precautionary measure is Record Store Day, which was supposed to take place on April 18 but has now been pushed back to June 20.

This morning, Record Store Day tweeted, “RSD is worldwide and celebrates a record store’s place in their community. As good citizens of those communities we want everyone to be safe, healthy and feel comfortable coming to the party. Record Store Day 2020 is moving to June 20.”

Record Store Day UK shared a lengthier statement on Twitter, writing:

“We are sad to announce that following a decision made by the organizers of Record Store Day, the event will be postponed to June 20.

This decision comes at a time of unprecedented uncertainty and the health and safety of the general public must come first. This was absolutely not an easy decision to make as hundreds of independent shops and labels have been working hard towards this year’s celebrations.

We’re working with all of our partners and our stores to make this change as smooth as possible for everyone: customers, record stores, artists, labels and more. Record Store Day is everywhere and we want to hold our party when everyone can gather around safely to celebrate life, art, music and the culture of the indie record store.

Given the challenges now facing the independent record store community we urge music fans to continue to support their local record shop in whichever way they can to see us through what is about to become a very challenging time.”

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