Rema And Selena Gomez Share A Dreamy Remix Of ‘Calm Down’

Afrobeats superstar Rema is turning up the heat with a remix of his single, “Calm Down.” Joining him on the updated track is Selena Gomez, adding a bit of seductive flavor.

Driven by a bouncy drum and a dreamy guitar, the song features Rema finding a woman who stands out in the crowd, as he sings, “I see this fine girl, for my party, she wear yellow / Every other girl they dey do too much, but this girl mellow.”

Gomez comes in, giving into his affections, singing, “Don’t you ask, you know you’re allowed / When it’s you, I can’t say no.”

In an interview with Complex UK, Rema talked about becoming an Afrobeats sensation and helping popularize the genre in the US at just 22 years old.

“…I want to thank God for getting me this far,” he said. “Being able to travel from territory to territory and share my music with people, that’s a big thing for me, my generation and Afrobeats. I’m just playing my part in this whole movement; I’m making my impact the best way I can. Most of all, I’m just grateful to see people appreciate my hard work and ambition.”

Check out the lyric video for “Calm Down” above.