Rich Brian Battles Quarantine Boredom With His Homemade ‘Tokyo Drift Freestyle’ Video

As more and more of America battles boredom from the confines of their coronavirus crisis-mandated home quarantines, not only have we all begun to get a little loopy, but that loopiness has also led to some truly inspired feats of creativity. The latest is 88rising rapper Rich Brian‘s nostalgic ode to the red-headed stepchild of the Fast And Furious franchise, the homemade video for his “Tokyo Drift Freestyle.”

Hijacking the instrumental from the film’s eponymous title track by Teriyaki Boyz (remember them?), Brian spits a rapid-fire verse while cutting in visuals of his quarantine activities. He dances in his living room, he dances outside by his pool — showing off a glamorous view of the Hollywood sign in the process — while wearing a pink filter mask, and he makes rain with a roll of toilet paper. He also does the money phone with it, which is a nice, silly, topical reminder some people seem to think TP will be the world’s most valuable commodity in the impending apocalypse.

While there are some fun suggestions for indoor activities: Brian solves a Rubik’s cube, plays Guitar Hero, exercises, brushes his teeth, and at some point, recorded and edited this video together, the big takeaway is that it’s okay to go a little stir crazy, as long you find something productive to do with it.

Watch the video for “Tokyo Drift Freestyle” up top.