Rick Ross Says ‘Ain’t Nothing Like Home’ In The First Social Media Update Since His Hospitalization

Although Rick Ross‘ Instagram has posted since his confusing hospital stay, the posts that went up previously merely seemed like general promotion to keep the stricken MMG label boss at the forefront of the public’s memory. Now, for the first time since his health scare, Ross has posted an update on his current status. While it’s nothing we didn’t already know, it’s still good to see the Bawse confirming it directly — even if only through social media account managers.

When it was reported that Ross had collapsed in his Miami home late Friday, March 2, conflicting reports led to rampant speculation about his condition before his MMG cohorts and close friends like Nipsey Hussle and Karen Civil helped put a stop to the rumor-mongering. While details on both his condition and his treatment were scarce, TMZ reported that he was on a form of life support, a claim which Ross’ associates vehemently denied.

It was reported later that he was discharged on Monday after spending the weekend in the hospital and was recuperating at home, a fact confirmed by today’s post. One prolific user might not be so keen to celebrate, however. Longtime Ross rival 50 Cent, who posted a jab at Ross on his own Instagram after hearing about the initial incident, probably won’t be sending his enemy a “Get Well Soon” card. Still, with the latest update posted to Ross’ own social media, fans can breathe a little easier knowing the good news is coming straight from the horse’s mouth — so to speak.