Rihanna Accidentally Ethered ‘American Idol’ On Her Diamond Ball Red Carpet

Even if singing competition shows like The Voice can still pick up Emmys, it’s more than clear that these reality shows, that arguably all started (in the US at least) with American Idol have lost some of their sheen. Even with a big get like Katy Perry coming on, which was announced earlier this year, the American Idol that brought us Kelly Clarkson is long gone.

Which might be what Rihanna is referencing when she got asked about the potential for her to ever appear on the show herself, as a judge. While the red carpet was supposed to be centered around her annual Diamond Ball, one reporter wanted to know if Rihanna would ever consider working with American Idol in the future.

Her answer? “Ummm… [a long drawn out pause] I don’t know. Depends on how bored I am.” Then, she walks off, knowing that she has just issued a mic drop on the current opinion of the show. As usual, Rihanna’s critical assessment of pop culture is right on the money. But, wouldn’t it be great to hear her take down some aspiring, off-key and tone deaf hopefuls? Admit it, it would.

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