Rihanna Revealed That She’s Listening To ‘ANTI’ And It Might Be Coming Soon

The release date of Rihanna’s eighth studio album, ANTI, has been a complete mystery as Rih and others working on it have dropped hint after hint. This has led to the internet coming up with many theories about when it will potentially drop, though nothing concrete has surfaced. What we do know about ANTI is that Samsung has partnered with Rihanna to cross-promote the album for a reported sum of $25 million, frequent Rihanna collaborator, Sia, wrote songs for the album, and there might be a RiRi-Drake collaboration. On Monday morning, however, Rihanna gave fans the clearest hint that the album is coming soon.

Rihanna tweeted from her verified account that she was “listening to ANTI,” which leads to the assumption that the album is complete or, at least, mastered enough to listen to. The tweet included a picture of the Barbadian singer-songwriter in some of the most extravagant jewelry ever shared on social media, including several large rings on her fingers and highlighted by a massive gold crown with headphones attached. If the typically ostentatious singer’s album is as extravagant as the gilded headgear she is wearing in the tweet, Rihanna fans are in for a classic. After all the time spent on the album, I don’t think her fans are expecting anything less.