Rihanna’s Iconic Instagram Profile Picture Is Gone After A Decade And Fans Are Mourning The Tragic Loss

For years now, the most iconic part of Rihanna’s online identity has been her Instagram profile image. You know the one: It’s a simplistic and relatively crude illustration of an expressionless character with curly hair on its head. As Vulture notes, the image dates back to 2014, so it was there for Anti, it was there for the launch of Fenty Beauty, and it was there for the births of Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s two children.

Now, we are at the dawn of a new era: Over this past weekend, Rihanna changed her Instagram profile image. Now, instead of the classic doodle that has graced her account for a decade, we have a photo of a Fenty product, being held by what looks like a stick-figure hand, perhaps belonging to the beloved illustration.

There is a degree of devastation among Rihanna’s fans over this change. One shared an “In Loving Memory” video that has racked up 2.8 million views, reading, “I was deeply saddened to hear of your loss. Please know that you have my heartfelt condolences. In this time of grief, may you find strength and solace in the embrace of family and friends who care deeply for you.”

Check out that and other reactions below.