Rihanna Gives An Update About When Her New Album Is Coming: ‘It’s Going To Be Worth It’

Rihanna is fresh off the launch of a new Fenty skincare line, so that’s one more thing she can take off her to-do list. Naturally, her fans are still eagerly awaiting a new album from Rihanna, and she spoke about her music in an ET interview.

Towards the end of the conversation, she was asked if she has been working on music during the pandemic. She said, as she has before, that she is always working on music, and that her album will be out when she’s ready:

“I am always working on music. I am always working on music and when I’m ready to put it out in the way that I feel fit, it’s gonna come out. And you’re not going to be disappointed when it happens. It’s going to be worth it. I’m not just gonna put it out just because people are waiting. It’s taken this long, I’m gonna make it worth it.”

She noted elsewhere in the interview that she has “been more busy in quarantine than ever before,” although that comment came in context of her talking about her Fenty endeavors, so it may not reflect how much time she has spent in the studio over the past few months.

Rihanna also looked back on the 15-year anniversary of “Pon de Replay” and the 10-year anniversary of “Love The Way You Lie.” She said her first thoughts about those occasions is that she can’t believe they happened so long ago, saying, “I’m 10 years older, I’m 15 years older. I thought that was just a few years ago, now it’s like a decade-plus. That is what I think about! But I’m also really grateful to still be here and being able to expand into other ventures. I’m grateful. It’s been fun and I can’t even complain.”

Check out the full interview here.