RMR Debuts His Timbaland-Produced Song, ‘I’m Not Over You,’ On ‘Desus & Mero’

As February came to a close, a new internet sensation broke out in the form of an entertaining music video that would be heralded as the second coming of “Old Town Road.” It soon was discovered that the man responsible for the song in the video, “Rascal,” was West Coast singer RMR. The juxtaposition posed between the ski-masked squad and the Rasal Flatts-sampling track quickly grabbed the attention of fans and from there a new band of supporters was formed. RMR would return a little over a month later with “Dealer.” The song would later be remixed by Lil Baby and Future and receive a visual treatment with the three artists as well.

Putting the finishing touches on his upcoming EP, Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art, RMR returns with yet another new single, “I’m Not Over You.” Rather than the usual midnight release, RMR took to Desus & Mero‘s Showtime platform to debut the single. For the performance, RMR is seen frantically stumbling through a sharply-lit abandoned building while pouring his heart on the new song.

Press play on the video above to hear “I’m Not Over You” and stay tuned for Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art which arrives 6/5 via Warner Records.

RMR is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.