RMR’s ‘Rascal’ Video Is Being Called The Second Coming Of ‘Old Town Road’

RMR’s “Rascal” video may not be the next “Old Town Road” — mainly because its way less family-friendly video probably won’t engender the “aw shucks” cuteness factor that daytime TV hosts like Ellen love so much — but it has captured Twitter’s imagination. In just 24 hours, it’s become something of an overnight phenomenon thanks to its willingness to lean into the goofy premise and the fact that the juxtaposition of the visual and the song itself is just hilarious.


The premise is simple: The video opens like a typical underground rap clip, with a squad of menacing-looking, ski-masked goons mugging the camera and brandishing all sorts of illegal-looking firearms. RMR stands at the forefront with a carbine slung over his shoulder, a designer label, faux-bulletproof vest on, and a ski mask obscuring his features and then — he sings. But not just any song: A country, heartbreak ballad: A thuggified remake of Rascal Flatts’ “God Bless The Broken Road.” It doesn’t just subvert the expectation, it pulls the rug right out from under it and laughs at the chaos that results.



Aside from the shock of seeing apparent street dudes crooning like cowboys, the part that people seem to really enjoy is analyzing just why they enjoy the song so much. There are the prerequisite Rascal Flatts puns — Rascal Gatts, Rascal Slatts, what have you — while others are happy to see the “country trap” trend started by Lil Nas X continue.


We now live in the era of viral hits becoming real ones in relatively short order. Of course, there’s “Old Town Road,” but meme-able hits like K Camp’s “Renegade,” Doja Cat’s “Say So,” and Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” have taken over the charts and public discourse in ways that previous hits were never really able to. It remains to be seen whether RMR has another one in the chamber or the musical talent to stand on his own and keep the momentum going, but just standing out from the crowd is an impressive accomplishment in itself.


According to Fader, we’ll get a chance to find out soon enough. RMR is planning on releasing an EP called Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art this spring and is dropping another single, this one inspired by 2000s alt-rock band Matchbox 20, next week.

Watch the “Rascal” video above.