Robyn Turned The ‘Ellen’ Stage Into An Icy Dance Floor With Her Performance Of ‘Ever Again’

Robyn has been one of the most creative people in pop for decades now, but she’s not about to start phoning it in when it comes to her live performances. She’s a revelation on stage, and she proved that once again on Ellen with a striking performance of Honey highlight “Ever Again.”

Degeneres’ set is usually invitingly and warmly lit, but Robyn transformed the place into something else entirely. Everything from the backdrop to her dress was either white or silvery, and the stage looked like some sort of ice castle. Naturally, Robyn’s performance was chilling. The song’s subtle funk has a moving energy in a live setting, even though the song isn’t as giant as some of her others. Instead, it’s better suited for bopping along to and getting down with the consistent groove.

A week ago, Robyn delivered a different kind of visual delight to the world: She shared a new video for “Send To Robin Immediately,” which shows young people enjoying life without worrying about everything else that may be going on. She also recently teamed up with Beck and The Lonely Island for a song from The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, a fun banger called “Super Cool.”

Watch Robyn perform ‘Ever Again’ on Ellen above.

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