Russ, Dr. Dre, & Snoop Dogg’s Studio Session Was A ‘Dream’ Come True For The Rapper To Which He Considered Himself ‘Blessed’

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg were noticeably absent from the 2023 BET Awards’ tribute to 50 years of hip-hop tribute. However, the two rap titans were quite present during a studio session with Russ. The rapper dropped his latest EP, Chomp 2.5, last month, but that didn’t stop him from working on something new. In a new post uploaded to Instagram, the musician revealed that he has something in the works with the genre’s legends.

After sharing the image of the three entertainers’ names on a soundboard, Russ captioned the post, “Man, what a week, LOL the pictures don’t even come close to how insane it was. Blessed.”

Another image from the slideshow depicted Russ in deep conversation with Dr. Dre as Snoop Dogg looks on from afar. Although the recording artist did not outline what the chat entailed, Russ has been outspoken about how he found success without a major label throughout his career. Snoop Dogg has also shared gems with newer artists looking to catch a break in the music industry as an independent act.

Last year, Russ doubled down on his beliefs, saying, “I do think at some point [major labels] will become obsolete, just because the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. You don’t need them; they’re not doing anything for you that you can’t do for yourself,” he said. “I just think that some artists are not very business-minded, and they kinda just want to be the artist, so that’s why they go the label approach so that they have a team that does everything for them.”