Saba Indulges In The Beauty Of Nature In His Mellow Video For ‘So And So’

Prior to September, the last time Saba shared solo work with the world was not too long after his 2018 album, Care For Me, with his “Where It’s At” single. Since then fans caught flashes of the Chicago native on the Pivot Gang crew’s debut album, You Can’t Sit With Us, He also joined Smino and Noname to create the Ghetto Sage trio. Finally, after the long wait, Saba made his return in September with a pair of singles — “Mrs. Whoever” and “Something In The Water” — and two months later he’s back with two more singles, “So And So” and “Areyoudown? Pt. 2.”

The latter single is an energetic effort that comes attached with a guest appearance from Tobi Lou, who is also native to Chicago. On the other hand, “So And So” is a much more relaxed release that comes attached with a video that finds Saba wandering through a group of makeshift clotheslines filled with vibrant fabrics. Along with the video, the rapper revealed that a conversation between friends helped inspire the song.

“I was talking with some friends recently, and we were talking about vulnerability,” he said in the description of the YouTube video. “My idea or explanation of it immediately went to dealing with adversity and sharing that experience of overcoming it. Everybody kind of came to that conclusion for it. And another friend brought up the fact that sharing joy and sharing happiness is also vulnerable.”

You can watch Saba’s video for “So And So” above.