Saweetie, Crocs, And Hidden Valley Ranch Team Up For An Unlikely But Fitting Collaboration

Despite having a slew of inescapably catchy singles under her belt and an album on the way, Saweetie has become just as well-known for her brand partnerships and cast-iron gut over the past few years. So, it should come as no surprise that her latest endeavor combines both for an unlikely, yet fitting collaboration. The Bay Area rapper has teamed up with Crocs, which has increased its visibility thanks to collaborations with Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Post Malone, and Hidden Valley Ranch, which she’s been known to slather on her spaghetti, to promote a new pair of the slipper brand’s signature rubber clogs adorned in food-related Jibbitz charms.

The Hidden Valley Ranch x Crocs Clogs are off-white-colored and accented with green speckles, drawing a resemblance to the dressing. Each of the Jibbitz charms are based on the items that folks love to dip in their ranch like fries, chicken nuggets, and vegetables. There are nine charms in all, and all are included with the clogs, which will only be available for purchase online through a drawing system. Entry is open from today to Monday, September 20 at 12pm ET. You can also check out Saweetie’s Instagram Story for a link to enter the big-city exclusive sweepstakes to win the shoes and a free pizza (in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York).

Check out some shots of the shoes (and some choice fan reactions) below.