Saweetie Revealed Which LA Strip Club She Secretly Worked At And How She Kept Her Family From Finding Out

Before she was a hit-making rapper, Saweetie was a USC student paying her way with a secret job. While the Bay Area rapper has previously talked about working at a strip club to pay the bills, she previously played coy with the details. However, during a new interview with LA radio station Real 92.3, she finally revealed which local club she worked at before her rap career took off, and how she kept it a secret from her family.

While telling The Cruz Show about her experiences as a strip club waitress, Saweetie spilled the beans when the hosts wondered if she could name the club where she worked. She revealed that it was Dames ‘N’ Games in downtown LA, which she says she chose because she not only made way more than she did at another waitressing job (Buffalo Wild Wings), but also because “it’s not popular in the Black community, and I didn’t want nobody from my family or my friends of my family seeing me work a strip club.”

To that end, she even employed an alias while working there (which isn’t that unusual for the biz), “Carmen” — a name she chose because it “felt like a powerful, sexy name.” Now, though, Saweetie is good enough for the rapper, who has a new single, “Nani,” out, and is working toward the release of her debut album.

You can check out the full interview here.