Sexyy Red Boldly Professes Her Holiday Wish On Her Latest Single, ‘Free My N***a’

On her latest single, “Free My N***a,” Sexyy Red follows in the vein of Mariah Carey’s festive classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” The St. Louis native’s sole holiday wish is to see her love freedom from the carceral system. As fans wait for more details about the rapper’s forthcoming Hood Hottest Princess Deluxe project, this track could taste what’s to come.

Before Sexyy Red states her desires, she’s joined in the song’s introduction by her child, who echoes the missing of their father. Then, it’s time for Sexyy Red to make her case.

“Say he facin’ time, hell yeah, I’m a Skype somethin’ / Soon as he come home from the pen’, I let him bite somethin’ / That’s my baby, hell yeah, we in love / First day home, let him shoot up the club / Heard that n**** on the fifth floor, let me kite him / When I don’t hear from my n****, I write him / He a bad boy, I don’t care, that’s how I like ’em / Yeah, free my n**** ’til it’s backward,” she raps.

Sexyy Red has achieved what she’s put her mind to thus far, so securing her boyfriend’s release could be an objective reality.

Listen to “Free My N***a” below.