Shelley Hopes To Discover What Lays Within His Lover On The Charming ‘Exposure’ Single

The artist formerly known as Big Baby DRAM began 2020 by launching a new chapter of his career, one that with a name change. The Virginia native now goes by his legal first name of Shelley. While the change may have signaled that new music was on the way, fans failed to receive that last year. The only piece of content he delivered was a jazzy cover of “Feliz Navidad” with Young Rog for LVRN’s Home For The Holidays compilation album. However, with a new year comes new opportunities and it seems like Shelley will make his presence felt this year as he returns with a new single.

Shelley enters 2021 with “Exposure,” a track that comes just before the love-themed month of February comes to a close. On the track, he asks his love interest to allow him to explore what lays beneath their physical features. “Let me love you inside-out and outside-in,” he begs on the song. “Let me touch your soul before I touch your skin.” The track also holds a double meaning of sorts with Shelley wanting to learn more about her personality at one point while hoping to engage in a moment of naked intimacy at other points of the song.

In case you’re a bit behind on Shelley’s music, make sure to revisit “The Lay Down” with H.E.R. and his That’s A Girls Name EP.

Give the new single a listen in the video above.

Shelley is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.