Shelley Is ‘Cooking With Grease’ In His Latest ‘Shelley Show’ Video

The rapper and singer formerly known as DRAM is turning up the heat on his release rollout, sharing the video for “Cooking With Grease.” Continuing the “Shelley Show” conceit from his last single release, “Exposure,” Shelley once again frames the video as a live performance on a fictional late-night talk show. Backed by his band, Shelley shows off his falsetto on a seductive, R&B throwback that portends more midnight storm-style jams to come.

Ever since officially changing his performance name on DSPs and social media, Shelley has leaned more than ever into his R&B side, which he previously teased on his debut album, Big Baby DRAM, his 2018 EP, That’s A Girl’s Name, and on singles like “The Lay Down” featuring H.E.R. and Watt. The “Shelley Show” rollout has cleverly addressed the musical shift as well, letting Shelley “interview” DRAM for more insight into the reasoning behind it.

“Cooking With Grease” also has a clever double meaning thanks to Shelley’s new quarantine hobby. He’s turned that hobby into a self-shot food show on YouTube called “Cooking With Grease,” in which he demonstrates his favorite healthy recipes, which helped him lose weight during the pandemic and emerge as a whole new man, figuratively and — well, also figuratively.

Watch the “Cooking With Grease” video above.

Shelley is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.