Sinead O’Connor Opens Up To Dr. Phil: ‘I Am Fed Up With Being Defined As The Crazy Person’

Sinead O’Connor’s struggles with her mental health have become public fodder in the past few years. The singer best known for topping the charts in 1990 with her rendition of the Prince song “Nothing Compares 2 U” has been suicidal, even reportedly releasing a suicide note on Facebook back in 2015. In 2016, police were alerted to two separate incidents when she was reported as suicidal, and just last month she opened up about her struggles in a heartfelt video on Facebook.

Now, O’Connor is set to open up even more as she was recently interviewed by Dr. Phil, and the preview for the interview has been released and it promises a powerful and revealing look at O’Connor and her mental health issues. “I am fed up with being defined as the crazy person,” she says at one point. “I became very suicidal, I was a basket case,” she says later.

Eventually, the preview closes with Dr. Phill saying “You tried to kill yourself eight times in one year,” while O’Connor nods before he asks “Do you want to be dead?” The preview ends with him apologizing for taking so long to find her, with O’Connor commenting “I’m so happy that you did,” with a smile.

The interview and season premiere of Dr. Phil is set to air on Tuesday, September 12th.