Sleater-Kinney’s Rocking ‘Tonight Show’ Performance Of ‘Hurry On Home’ Was A Visual Spectacle

Recently, Sleater-Kinney fans finally got some concrete information about the band’s upcoming album. It’s called The Center Won’t Hold, and it’s coming out on August 16 via Mom + Pop. Before that news was made official, the band shared the lead single from the record, “Hurry On Home.” It was accompanied by a clever video as well, in which the song’s lyrics were used as the dialogue in a text message conversation with a former flame.

Now they’re making the rounds on the TV circuit, and they stopped by The Tonight Show last night to perform “Hurry On Home.” The performance made strong use of lighting (some of which are flashing quickly, so that might be something to consider before watching). As the band performed, they were backed by shadow monsters, radial hand displays, and other sorts of engaging visuals.

Carrie Brownstein previously said of the song, “How does brokenness walk? Or move through the world? We’re always mixing the personal and the political, but on this record, despite obviously thinking so much about politics, we were really thinking about the person — ourselves or versions of ourselves or iterations of depression or loneliness — in the middle of the chaos.”

Watch Sleater-Kinney perform “Hurry On Home” on The Tonight Show above.

The Center Won’t Hold is out 08/16 via Mom + Pop. Pre-order it here.