Snoop Dogg’s Blunt Sold For A Staggering Amount At A Charity Auction

Here’s a fun question: How much money is a Snoop Dogg blunt worth? On one hand, the rapper is perhaps the most iconic marijuana-associated celebrity, so a joint once owned by him is a special thing for fellow enthusiasts. On the other hand, thousands and thousands of Snoop Dogg blunts have found their way into existence over the years: In a 2012 Reddit AMA, Snoop noted he smokes about 81 blunts a day. If he kept that up daily for ten years, that’s over 295,000 blunts, and Snoop’s been smoking for much longer than just a decade.

So, how much is a Snoop blunt worth? It appears the answer is $10,000.

In a recent Variety interview, Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller Rogen spoke about Hilarity For Charity, their nonprofit and annual event focused on Alzheimer’s disease, for its tenth anniversary. During the conversation, they were asked if there was “one performance or moment through the years that you think really captures what Hilarity For Charity is all about,” and Seth said, “Snoop Dogg once auctioned off a blunt on stage for Alzheimer’s.” Lauren chimed in, “I think it went for $10,000.”

Seth continued, “I think that encapsulates how we are approaching the space differently. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get Snoop Dogg to come perform at your show and auction off a blunt for Alzheimer’s care and research, then I think that speaks very well to an unexpected but effective kind of melding of matters and sensibilities.”

Check out the full interview here.