Snoop Dogg Just Had His First Roasted Marshmallow And Missed Out On The Best Part

They say you can’t miss what you never had, but I will argue that with this factoid: While filming his commercial for a smokeless fire pit, Snoop Dogg roasted his first marshmallow — ever, in his whole 52 years of life — which kind of misses the point of roasting marshmallows. In an interview with outdoor retail magazine The Daily (there is truly one for every interest), Solo Brands CEO John Merris revealed that the marshmallow Snoop roasts in the ad for the smokeless Solo Stove was his first ever.

Of course, anyone who HAS roasted a marshmallow before (look, some of us are internationally known music stars and business moguls, and others enjoy the simpler things in life) would know that the smoky flavor is what accentuates the sweetness of the confection and adds just the right amount of bitterness to cut through all the sugar in a s’more. Of course, just being in a room with Snoop, the “smoky flavor” part is probably already handled.

Snoop’s reputation as a legendary lover of marijuana truly helped make the Solo Stove rollout an event to behold. When he posted he was “giving up smoke” on social media, he caused a frenzy both online and in mainstream news that he would ever consider giving up weed (although the more shrewd among us rightly called it a marketing ploy early on). When Solo and Snoop revealed the ad for the smokeless fire pit, the collective sigh of relief from stoners everywhere probably caused a nationwide contact high. We should definitely look into any changes in the air quality that day.

Check out Snoop’s smokeless fire pit ad above.