Twitter Users Want Snoop Dogg To Run Twitter If Elon Musk Really Does Step Down As CEO

So far, Elon Musk’s tenure at Twitter has been marked by chaos, ineptitude, and worrying anti-journalist behavior, but under its next CEO, the vibe should be decidedly more chill. That is, of course, only if users who voted on a recent poll have their pick for the next person to run the platform. Snoop Dogg, who previously joked about buying Twitter after Elon initially balked on his own offer before being forced to follow through by a lawsuit issued by Twitter, ran a poll on his own feed asking fans, “Should I run Twitter?”

After a little of 2.5 million votes and with 6 hours left of the poll, the answer appears to be a resounding “yes” — although it’s possible that most users just think anyone would be better than Musk, whose antics have lost him his “world’s richest person” status and look like they might actually be the death of the platform he spent $44 billion on. Snoop, of course, will probably be way too busy getting his Broadus Foods cereal, children’s educational programming, and pet products businesses off the ground, but you never know. If nothing else, at least he knows how to use the app and doesn’t seem interested in using it to spread right-wing conspiracy theories, so that would be an improvement in itself.