Snot The Band Is Upset With Limp Bizkit For Bringing $not The Rapper On Tour

Uproxx has been covering the rise of South Florida rapper $not for some time and really enjoying watching the 24-year-old spread his wings and come into his own. Recently, he received a big career bump from veteran nu-metal band Limp Bizkit, who invited him to join them on their upcoming Still Sucks Tour. However, the move apparently disappointed and upset one of the rap-rock band’s contemporary groups — also called Snot.

According to Consequence, Mikey Doling, Snot’s guitarist, posted a video in which he took Limp Bizkit’s frontman Fred Durst to task over the booking. “I wanted to say to Fred Durst, if you see this video, how dare you, man?” he said. “You were friends with Snot. Snot loved you, man. You came onstage with us and performed. [Late Snot singer] Lynn [Strait] went on stage with you in Boston. … We were friends. We shared drinks, stage, music [and] all that, and all these years later you take an artist named $not on tour with you? What the f**k is that, man? Bullshit. … And to that fake $not kid — [Doling gives the camera the middle finger] right there, brother. There’s only one f**king Snot. Get some.”

For his part, $not seemed more bemused than anything else, posting a tweet reacting to the headline as posted by XXL. “This actually ridiculous,” he wrote. “Old man mad about my name.”

For what it’s worth, the band named Snot hasn’t released a new album in 20 years. The group actually disbanded in the wake of Strait’s death in 1998, and Strait Up, the album that they released in 2000, had all its vocals recorded by the lead vocalists of associated bands like Incubus, Korn, Soulfly (incidentally, the subject of another confusing hip-hop crossover thanks to Rod Wave), and even, yes, Limp Bizkit. $not, however, is fresh off the release of his second studio album, Ethereal, and has a remarkably compatible vibe to both the original Snot and Limp Bizkit, so it isn’t like his addition to the tour doesn’t make sense.