All The Beyoncé Songs That Jay-Z Has Co-Written

Beyoncé concluded a six-year wait for a new album with the release of her seventh album Renaissance over the weekend. Of the many talking points about the album after its release, one was a line from “Church Girl” that many assumed was about Jay-Z. On the song, Beyoncé sings, “Must be the cash ’cause it ain’t your face.” It’s inspired many reactions and memes (like this one) that connect it to Jay-Z. While we’ll never know if Mr. Carter is the subject of the line, one can’t forget that Jay probably heard the song beforehand as he helped write songs for Beyoncé on multiple occasions.

Here Are All The Beyoncé Songs That Jay-Z Has Co-Written

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have collaborated on multiple occasions. Their list of songs together includes, “Crazy In Love,” “Drunk In Love,” “Part II (On The Run),” “Deja Vu,” and the entire Everything Is Love album. Their collaborations even go as far as Jay-Z helping to write Beyoncé songs. To begin, despite not having a guest verse on the album, Jay-Z has three writing credits on Renaissance: “Alien Superstar,” “Break My Soul,” and “America Has A Problem.” Jay also has writing credits on “Kitty Kat” from Beyoncé’s 2006 sophomore album B’Day as well as “Baby Boy,” ‘Hip Hop Star” and “Yes” from her 2003 debut album Dangerously In Love.