Burlington? Berkeley? Spotify Wrapped 2023 Is Comparing Users’ Music Tastes To Cities And The Memes Are Glorious

Spotify Wrapped for 2023 is here! Every year, the main idea is the same: Users can open the app to view a presentation highlighting their most-streamed artist, songs, albums, and other takeaways from their years in music. Spotify often tries incorporating a new feature here and there, and one in particular is lighting up social media timelines right now.

Early in the in-app presentation, one slide starts, “This year, your listening took you places, and one place listened just like you.” Using my personal Wrapped as an example, Spotify then compared my listening habits to those of people in Berkeley, California (quite a ways from my home in Portland, Maine), saying, “People there are far more likely to be fans of Vagabon, Petey, and The Japanese House.”

It turns out a lot of people got Berkeley in their Wrapped, and Burlington, Vermont was another popular city. In fact, after Wrapped was unveiled, both of them were trending on X (formerly Twitter) alongside Spotify, and the reactions and memes are pretty great. One Sopranos parody in particular is wonderful:

Cambridge, Massachusetts was also a popular city, and one user joked, “spotify is trying to make a gay commune in berkeley, a lesbian commune in burlington, and a bisexual commune in cambridge”

Check out some more reactions below.