St. Vincent And Carrie Brownstein Wrote A Concert Tour Film

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Annie Clark, who records as singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist St. Vincent, has written a concert tour film with collaborator Carrie Brownstein, per a recent report by Collider.

Clark and the Sleater-Kinney musician’s script will follow heightened versions of themselves as they interact with assistants, bandmates, music journalists, and fans. The film is shot to look like a documentary, but isn’t a “mockumentary” — it’s scripted but filmed in doc style, like The Office or This Is Spinal Tap.

This isn’t the first time Clark and Brownstein have collaborated. Clark is producing Sleater-Kinney’s upcoming album, and has appeared on Brownstein’s TV series Portlandia. The two actually dated a while back, but obviously they still get along pretty well, if they are writing a whole entire album and movie together. The Collider report doesn’t confirm that Brownstein and Clark will star in the film, but if the characters are meant to be “heightened versions” of the two musicians, one can assume they’d cast themselves to play the roles.

Apart from her decades-long musical career, Brownstein is an accomplished comedic actress, writer, and director. Apart from her work in Portlandia, Brownstein has had roles in films like Carol and directed episodes of Hulu’s Casual and Shrill. Although she’s not a trained actress, Clark was pretty funny on Portlandia.