Stormzy Talks A Big Game On His Rapid-Fire New Single ‘Sounds Of The Skeng’

Stormzy hasn’t announced that he has a new album coming out, but he sure is dropping singles like he has something on the way. So far this year, he has shared “Vossi Bop” (which was his first new song since 2017) and “Crown.” Now the grime legend is at it again, as today, he has dropped another new single, “Sounds Of The Skeng.”

On the Sir Spyro-produced track, Stormzy busts out his signature rapid-fire flow and lets the world know how superlative he is, rapping on the chorus, “N**** I am Mr. Skeng, spot the difference / Big Mike, don’t need no assistance / So please give a n**** some distance / Name a n**** that’s this consistent.”

The song title is derived from one of Stormzy’s nicknames, Wicked Skengman. He has referenced the monicker a number of times, like on his 2015 track “Know Me From,” on which he also lists off a bunch of his other labels: “My name is Stormzy / My name is the problem / My name is Big Mike / My name is Stiff Chocolate / My name is Wicked Skengman, live in the flesh.”

This isn’t Stormzy and Sir Spyro’s first collaboration in recent days, as Spyro recently remixed Stormzy and Ed Sheeran’s collaboration “Take Me Back To London.”

Listen to “Sounds Of The Skeng” above.

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