Fans Are Tickled By Summer Walker’s Slow-Motion Boxing Workout Video

Although being a musician seems like a much less physically demanding job than, say, being a professional athlete, in many ways, both demand a similar dedication to fitness for a practitioner to really excel. For instance, Lizzo has detailed her strength-training-and-cardio-heavy workout routine a few times (playing flute, dancing, singing, and rapping all require a LOT of lung capacity), while any number of rappers hit the basketball court to stay in shape when they’re not on tour. However, one performer elicited an amused reaction on Twitter when a video of her routine surfaced on social media.

Summer Walker appeared in a video going through a boxing routine at the gym putting in what looks like less than a hundred percent effort as she punches her trainer’s gloves in practically slow motion while being goaded by a friend off-camera who calls her a “grandma” and notes she has a lot of videos to get ready to shoot in coming months. While Summer is generally less dynamic on stage than many peers, her lackadaisical effort amused fans who brought out a wealth of jokes to tease the singer’s uninspired swings.

For what it’s worth, though, it’s only a clip of one workout, so for all we know this could have been a light day, the end of a more vigorous routine, or a warmup before she got into more intensive exercises. Heck, even light or slow activity can be beneficial over time; many trainers will start clients off with light exercises to ease them into tougher workouts down the line. Either way, it seems that Summer is gearing up to get back out into the world with new music and a fitter physique after having her first child and taking music by storm with her first two albums.