SZA, Who Treats Her Butt ‘Like A Purse,’ Confirmed She Got A Brazilian Butt Lift And Explained Why She Did

There has long been speculation that SZA has gone under the knife for some plastic surgery, specifically a Brazilian butt lift, or BBL. She even seemed to confirm it on her album SOS, singing on the title track, “So classic, that ass so fat, it look natural, it’s not.” Later, at the start of “Conceited,” she says, “I just got my body done, ain’t got no guilt about it / I just heard your opinion, I could’ve did without it.”

Now, though, SZA has spoken more definitively, confirming she has had a BBL in a new interview with Elle.

She said, “I treat my butt like a purse. It’s just there to enhance whatever else. And that’s why I paid for it, because it works all by itself. […] I always wanted a really fat ass with less gym time. I didn’t succumb to industry pressure. I succumbed to my own eyes in the mirror and being like, ‘No, I need some more ass.'”

SZA also said of her general outlook, “I have a deep desire to shut everyone up, and that probably comes from high school and all that type of sh*t. My mom always told me that I’ve always been the kind of person where people either really f*ck with me or they just don’t like me at all.”

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