SZA Gets ‘Pissed Off’ About Something When She Listens To Her Albums

So far, SZA has a couple of albums to her name, 2017’s Ctrl and 2022’s SOS, and they’re both beloved. She has some EPs under her belt, too, but when SZA goes back and listens to her old work, there’s one element of them that doesn’t sit well with her.

On Twitter recently, SZA wrote, “I still listen to my albums and get pissed off at the mixes [face-palm emoji].”

A few minutes later, she also shared her favorite songs from SOS, tweeting, “snooze ,love language, kill bill ,nobody gets me ,ex pack ,blind ,good days ,gone girl, I hate u, F2F,low , seek and destroy , ghost , Sos , used. Personal picks.” She then added in subsequent tweets, “FORGIVELESS too,” and, “Open arms too.”

Meanwhile, “Kill Bill” recently reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time, making it SZA’s first No. 1 single. She took her time to reflect, eventually tweeting, “took me over a week to process cause I dreamt of this my entire career. didn’t feel real lol, still doesn’t. but I wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. Every person, every fan base every ear that listened and pushed for me. Can’t believe we have a number 1 record.”