T-Pain Confesses That His Cancelled Tour Is Because Of Low Ticket Sales

T-Pain‘s 1UP DLC Tour is no longer a thing.

Back in 2007, T-Pain wanted to “Buy U A Drank,” but in 2019 music fans don’t want to buy tickets to his concert, according to Pain. Sunday, Pain posted an honest, transparent video on his Instagram account: “I was advised to lie about this and say that I needed some time or I needed some alone time or me-time or some sh*t like that,” Pain said. “(But) we f*cked up. I’m gonna keep it real with y’all. Most artists lie. Whenever concerts get canceled or tours get canceled, it’s for low ticket sales.

“I thought since the first 1UP Tour went well and sold out every city, (this tour) should be good. Having said that, I’m gonna take it upon myself to cancel [the tour]. It just would have been a bad look for me.”

Pain’s tour was set to kick off next week in Philadelphia. Still, Pain has to clear his musical vault. Interestingly enough to T-Pain fans, Pain stopped his tour in April to avoid permanent voice damage, but the artist will have to wait a bit longer to return to the stage.

Pain explained to us that he’s an avid Call of Duty player, as well. Check out our recent interview with Pain here.