Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker Reflects On Ten Years Of ‘Innerspeaker’ And Hints At Something New

Since he started making music, Kevin Parker has honed his sound with Tame Impala. The singer started as a psych-rock project with his debut album Innerspeaker and has since undergone a poptimisiom pivot complete with stadium-ready production on his most recent release, The Slow Rush. With a newfound perspective, Parker reflects on his debut release on the 10-year anniversary of Innerspeaker and hints at what’s to come.

Getting personal in a post on Instagram, Parker wrote that his album’s anniversary made him emotional:

“This version of the cover was 1 version out from the final, but i found it the other day for the first time since 2010 and it makes me very emotional to just look at because it reminds me of what I was going through about a week out from finishing and signing off on the whole album, which scared the shit out of me and at the time seemed like an insurmountable task. Little did I know that was the easiest it was ever going to get.”

Along with thanking fans for their continued support, Parker hinted that he has something exciting in the works, writing: “Announcement of something very special coming v soon.”

Just ahead of Parker’s recent release, the musician spoke with Uproxx and reflected on each of his projects. Detailing Innerspeaker, Parker said he feels disconnected from the album in some ways: “For what that album means to my fans, it belongs more to them than it does to me. I almost don’t feel like it’s me that made that. It feels like someone else.” Parker continued by saying he wasn’t as confident about his music back then: “I was a shy person. I was shy personally and musically. The fact that everyone thought it was a band is an example of how shy I was musically. I didn’t even want to tell people that I made the whole thing by myself.”

Read Parker’s full statement above.

The Slow Rush is out now via Modular. Get it here.