Taylor Swift’s New Single Is A Revenge Fantasy That Declares The ‘Old Taylor’ Dead

It finally happened, after a three-year long hiatus Taylor Swift made her grand return to pop with her new single “Look What You Made Me Do,” and, well, it wasn’t that grand. The single is a metaphorical killing of “the old Taylor,” quite overtly, so for the fans expecting her to attack her foes like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry, what they got instead was Taylor attacking herself. It’s a teenage tantrum of sorts, except Taylor is 27 years old, so it comes off as a little odd. As always, the song is not nearly as bad as the internet is making it, but boy are they making it sound bad.

Whether it’s tweets calling the song a knock off Katy Perry song, or wondering if the real Taylor died and was replaced with a stand in like Avril Lavigne, the range of reactions is hilarious. So, yeah, people aren’t holding back, which is to be expected with an artist as polarizing and divisive as Taylor, but this seems to be a lot even for her.

We can rest assured Taylor has more in store for her fans before the November release of her new album Reputation, but this is just a slight stumble out of the gate. Check out the best reactions to Taylor’s new single “Look What You Made Me Do” below.