Tekashi 69’s Request To Serve Out His Sentence On House Arrest Was Denied By A Judge

Tekashi 69’s last-ditch bid for some form of freedom was shot down by a judge this afternoon, according to TMZ. Last week, 69 reportedly felt unsafe in prison and put in a request to serve out the remainder of his 24-month sentence on house arrest or at a halfway house, but unfortunately for the tattooed rapper, it turns out Judge Paul Engelmayer feels the prison part of Tekashi’s sentence is needed to hammer home “the seriousness of his crimes.”

While Tekashi’s lawyers argued that the prison is filled with Bloods, Engelmayer said that granting his request would “eliminate the remaining prison component of his sentence in favor of lesser forms of confinement.” Besides, it’s not like Tekashi is all that likely to be so much safer on the outside; his former bodyguards have reportedly given him up as a bad job, saying it would be too risky to work for him now, while a Complex report estimated that hiring new security would likely run him millions off dollars off his supposed $10 million record deal. Of course, anyone who knows how a record deal works knows that most of the artist’s income is contingent on touring, and given his reputation, it seems unlikely that many venues would be eager to take on the financial burden of securing their premises. Unless he has a surefire moneymaking scheme in his back pocket, it seems very likely that even when he leaves prison — which will be in something like eight months, since he’s already served much of his 24-month sentence — Tekashi’s entertainment career is pretty much over.