Tekashi 69’s Release Date Has Been Set

Tekashi 69’s release date has been set. According to Complex, the 23-year-old rapper expects to be a free man on August 2, 2020. Complex confirmed the date via communication with Tekashi 69’s lawyer Lance Lazzaro and the Bureau Of Prisons Inmate Locator. 69 was sentenced to 24 months back in December, which he will have completed with his time already served and his controversial cooperation with the authorities in their investigation into the Nine Trey Bloods’ criminal activities.

69 was previously denied a request to serve out the remainder of his sentence in alternative housing and reportedly plans to move out of New York once his sentence ends due to the security threat posed by his reputation as a “snitch.” The threat is apparently so great, that his former bodyguards won’t work for him anymore and hiring new ones would likely cost him millions of dollars.

Tekashi was originally arrested in November 2018 due to his involvement with the Nine Trey Bloods gang. The arrangement, according to the rapper’s testimony, was meant to be mutually beneficial. In exchange for protection and street credibility which would supposedly help Tekashi’s career, his profits from rapping would help fund the Bloods’ illicit activities. Unfortunately for both Tekashi and his crew, the arrangement turned out to be mutually destructive instead: Tekashi cooperated with the authorities, send many of his affiliates to prison and resulting in his current predicament.

Tekashi reportedly plans to pursue his rap career once again upon release. Listen to Spotify’s Tekashi 69 podcast for a more in-depth overview of the case here.