Tems Emerges From The Wreckage Of Heartbreak On Her New Single, ‘Not An Angel’

Tems‘ spiritual journey continues. Tonight (December 8), the Nigerian singer has shared “Not An Angel” her reflective new single on which she feels the need to move on after the end of a relationship.

Over sparse drums and pulsating beats, Tems is at more principled place, moving forward from the wreckage of a lost love.

“’Cause I’m not an angel / I’m just a girl that knows the truth / And I couldn’t save you / You couldn’t see what I’ve been through / I’ll cut my losses in peace / I don’t need nothin’ else from you /’Cause I’m not and angel / I know I did all I could do,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

Tems has become known for her personal approach to songwriting and lyricism. In an interview with Interview Magazine, she opened up about her songwriting process and how she lets her emotions lead the way.

“Sometimes I freestyle to a point where I can’t feel my feet. I’ve entered somewhere and I don’t even know where I am anymore,” she said. “I’m just pouring out my gut and then when I’m done, I don’t remember what I just did. If you didn’t record it, it’s almost as if I blacked out.”

You can listen to “Not An Angel” above.