The Hilarious Reason People Thought The 1975’s Brit Awards Performance Was Hacked

First of all, congratulations are in order, because British pop-rock band The 1975 just won the Brit Award for Best British Group. To celebrate/commemorate this massive (see, I’m using British slang) accomplishment, the group performed their hit song “The Sound” and had all the insults people have ever hurled at them flash across the scene. It’s the same setup they used for the song’s video, and a cool, subversive way to take back their pride in the face of these ridiculous things people had tried to bring them down with. But since many people watching the Brit Awards hadn’t seen that clip, a lot of viewers thought the band had been hacked!

Don’t worry, they figured it out pretty quickly — plus diehard fans knew what was going on

Luckily, the words and insults were all part of the band’s concept of standing up against those who had counted them out. And after today’s big win, it looks like the joke is on their haters. Furthermore, the group will be headlining Madison Square Garden later this summer, and just managed to pull off one of the best Sade covers I’ve ever heard. Everything is coming up 1975. Stream their album below if you haven’t heard it yet, we thought it was one of the best pop albums of 2016.